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How to Install Joomla 1.5 Templates

The installation of Joomla 1.5 templates is easy and requires just few steps from you. First, you need to have the archive of the template stored somewhere on your hard drive.

To start the installation, access the admin panel of your Joomla 1.5 site and go to Extensions -> Install/Uninstall in order to open the Joomla Extensions Manager.

Joomla Tutorial - How to Install Joomla 1.5 Templates - Photo 1

Next, hit the Browse button and locate the template archive on your computer. Once you find it, click on the Upload File & Install button to proceed.

Joomla Tutorial - How to Install Joomla 1.5 Templates - Photo 1

Once the template is installed on your website, you need to make it default. To do this, go to Extensions -> Template Manager. From this page you can manage the installed templates on your Joomla 1.5 application.

Now, select the newly installed template and lick on the Default button (yellow star at the top-right corner of the page).

Joomla Tutorial - How to Install Joomla 1.5 Templates - Photo 3

You are now ready! You can go to your site and check out its new looks!

PS. If you have the default or 3rd party caching enabled you may have to clear your cache in order to notice the changes!

3 Responses to How to Install Joomla 1.5 Templates

  1. Paul Jameson says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. It was really helpful for me!

  2. Carlos says:

    I’m a little lost. I downloaded a siteground 1.6 template. But I don’t understand which file is the archive file that I need to install to Joomla using the template manager.

    Below are the unzipped files as they appears on my drive after I opened the siteground-j16-12 folder. But I don’t know which one of these I’m supposed to install. None of them appear to me to be an archive folder.


  3. admin says:

    DO not extract the archive file! Point the installer to the .zip file and upload it. Joomla will automatically extract the template in the /templates folder and will add the appropriate entries to its database.

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